Tay Lodge Technologies Ltd.
About Us

Tay Lodge Technologies Ltd. is a software development and consulting company, offering full lifecycle software development services including architecture, design, development, and testing.

Our company's mission is to develop, maintain and deliver, relevant robust software in a cost-effective and timely manner. The team at Tay Lodge has been together for a number of years and have delivered on big projects, on time and to budget.

Tay Lodge currently develop and maintain bespoke software systems, primarily of a sales order processing nature. Our business is anywhere that an off-the-shelf package is not available or suitable. In addition to the provision of services to existing clients, we are actively pursuing a number of new product developments.

Our company emphasises the use and development of innovative approaches to the use of ICT in all projects undertaken. Years of experience of working closely with customers allow Tay Lodge to develop solutions with a strong end-user focus.

We have implemented a wide range of bespoke solutions on OpenVMS, Windows, DOS, and Linux platforms. We have over 30 years experience delivering on-time, low cost, high performance solutions to a range of clients.

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